Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leaking Conscience: Racism

A leading brand for detergents says ' दाग अच्छे हैं ' . We [Indians] are totally in love with entire concept of it and practice the fact freely. How can we ever go out and work things around in OZ when we ourselves practice complete segregation based on caste, color, region and every other fact that distinguishes a man from another. It's gone into the blood and no matter what detergent u use, u wont get rid of it.

We found a table near the cash counter in a busy restaurant in the heart of the city today noon. A customary hello to the receptionist who new us as regular ones. After some time we hear this guy hurling abuses to our counter waala man. just inquisitive we try to figure out and get to know that there was some issue over the bill payment and the mistake was on part of the customer. Now this well educated person was in full flow in his native language and was cursing everyone that they speak with the outstation guys who come from delhi and north, so nicely and dont pay respect to the natives. 'काय झाला ज़र मी कमी दिला .... तुमि हे मुलाना hi hello कशाला म्हणतो '
The shopkeeper was all ready to get a few blows had we not spoken in local language and pacified him.

So what if Indians are a target in Australia. We practice the same in India, in our own 'motherland'.