Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mirages & Milestones

Bored as we all are, of the current setup in our lives, what do you plan to do. Sit back and crib or do you have balls to just throw off the blanket of comfort zone and take a plunge into the unknown without a thought of what the others would think or feel !!

Not being preachy but two years after quitting a settled, easy going job and searching for fun, I now realize that suddenly I've gotten into a pretty comfortable situation which I never was in before. There are two weird times that you may come across - one where u r stuck and have no where to go, and the contrary where you have so many equally good options that u just cant decide. Happy to be in the latter at the moment !!

So been an year that I joined Voicetap and it has been a new day everyday till now. From an ideation stage to a point now that we at Voicetap are now launching with an international telecom operator as a complete VAS company, Ive been along all the while. Frustrations in the office to Hi fives on TV coverages, missed deadlines to happy cheques seen it all closely. If I look further it all seems a mirage but as we keep moving forward and look back, all of those mirages at one point were actually milestones unknown.

But now this feels closest to my understanding of being married. I have never been as committed as before. I go to my work religiously everyday and see the same set of faces everytime. The 7-8 ppl that Ive come across in past some month are so different that I've seen a new face of life each day. How can seven different ppl react to the same situation in seven different ways is what amazes me. I learnt adaptability, patience, resourcefulness, fact that there can be multiple extremes beyond your comprehension. A new perspective each day. All thanks to dada , sudhir, Mrigank & Khandelwal. I learnt Life. I am not scared of anything now !!

I dont have money, No one knows me in this city, family always has questions, I dont 'drive' to work, frens talk of salaries in 7 digits, but i somehow feel immune to all of it. There's a drive, there isn't one. I'm hallucinating that I have it all .. .maybe I'm drugged.... may be I feel that exactly at this day this time, I was meant to be here . .. . . But this is so comfortable. I smile to myself in this sweet winter chill of Delhi and believe that there's so much more I can do - even more than what you can imagine if you are reading this.

Playing a lot of blinds....and I dont really care if someone changes the joker this time.

Cheers !!