Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wake up World !!

I get up in the morning at 730 on Thursday, to come across yet another blast news on front page in TOI, right in my face saying 91 dead in a powerful car bomb blast. I immediately think back and realize that its been a month that every alternate day I’ve been waking up to a similar news. That's not what I want to see when I get up in the morning. Not once have I smiled looking at my newspaper in the past couple of days. What’s going on man? Where are the peace forces or where are the forces. To a person like me it does not really matter where this happening is, be it Peshawar, Lahore, Assam or Colombo coz for me the world is one big place to live and have fun in. I want to be free !! this is really restricting me, my flight, my thought process. These 91 ppl dying were not Pakis only, they were humans, who while moving out of their homes did not know what lies ahead, just like us who move out for office, lunch or parties.

A war is a different story, but definitely not like this. This is not the life and not the death you and me would agree to. And believe me we can not afford to get ignorant. Like noted Guru Shiv Khera says
'If your neighbor is in trouble and u can sleep well, the next victim is you'. So I can completely see this Taliban thing proliferating. To India and ahead. And hey, why isn’t this being curtailed. Pak claims to have military enough to take on India, why is it letting Taliban take human life for granted. US forces all over the region are not taking a stand either. Peace keeping forces from UN and else where have always been utilized only in floods and quakes so no point expecting anything from them.

Is there a solution. . . Can we do anything about this at all? Because I’m so much not OK with no peace around and I’m sure many of you would second this thought. So I’m leaving this incomplete till I hear something better towards this or till I think of something better about this . . . .

My Friend says:

There’s nothing me and you can do about it

All I say:

Jaago Re !!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet October Smell. . .

After spending a fairly long time on collecting my thoughts for the client discussions tomorrow, as I pass this lane near my house, this intoxicating smell again fills my mind with tickling sensations and I cant do nothing but smile.

This smell is very close to my heart as this is the first smell which I started loving rite when I was 2 ft tall. All over my school there were these trees with white flowers which blossomed only during the months of October and March. Very close relation with these flowers. Rishta isliye coz' these were the two months when we used to have exams . ..and study and frens place and while growing up spent most of the time in these groves. Fairly attached to these.

Lost some touch with this fragrance in college and then when I reached Pune I again came across this smell only in the elite societies and areas. Thats when I met this girl who had this tree rite before her home...Dunno what did I fall for first, well, she is no more with me and I just felt this smell back again. Seems she's following, I again can't help but smile, to mself. Its bin sometime that I have bin living all alone. ..

I'm but spoiled for choice. Have had multiple relations. . .3 hrs, 3 mths . . .. 3 yrs at all levels. In touch with most of them who are doing well and in good touch, but I just learn one thing. 'Love is so transient'. And yesterday, a virtual world's friend comes and says that it is wrong, there's love all around. True, I agree and thats exatly what makes me call it transient . . . .But just let it go.

This smell is making me realise, all that i need to do. . . . and at the same time . I want to write, and a lot more .. I'm terribly High and perhaps I'd return to you ...

my friends say...

'You need to understand people"

I say...

Aao milo chalo . . .

Cheers !!