Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Devotion Ridiculed...

Considering my longer than ever presence at home, to be ample proof of my worklessness [read: uselessness], dad ignored my religious sentiments [ Siddharth happens to be almost an athiest], and tagged me along in his never ending quest to meet the one who takes care of all his issues [read: GOD].

Trip dedicated to Lord Krishna at Mathura, Vrindavan etc. I expected a lot of pooja paath and all but what met the eye was entirely different. Or rather the way i look at it is pretty different. Lacs of people at one time at one place trying to move over the one ahead and reach out to the all powerful. What i hated most was that mom who's got a lot of pain in her knees coz of arthritis, and Grandpa who cant walk were a part of this maddening crowd. 

1. I dont understand the difference in practicing religion at one's home or within oneself and in a public display of one's religious inclination. Damn. whats the need.
You cant walk properly, there's security threat, and u cant stand inside the temple for morethan 3 sec.... for which u've travelled for 3 days,..... what the hell..

2. Why do we have to pull the other one down....[refer to the fig.]. Mathura janmbhoomi which is the third largest temple in India, has an adjacent wall to one of the biggest mosques in India. It can be seen from the temple itself. Now when my 4 yr young cousin innocently chirps to see the place, which is barren and looks haunted as compered to the crowd in the temple, my Mom tells her 'wahan nahi jaana , wahaan sirf musalmaan log jaate hain'. I hated it. With all due respect i confronted mom. Why do we have to sow these seeds.... Damn it. Grow up....


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Neetu said...

Nice write up !!! you have confined the crux of the matter in few lines .... we still have to learn alot .... think alot.... erase the differences ... its time to change our mind