Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Expedition begins:Voicetap !!

Hi. Couldn't write for long: No excuses. Just, couldnt find time.
Updates: Many

Today marks one month that I landed in Delhi. the moment I set foot on the platform, I sent this message to my To be Boss: " सर ज़मीन--दिल्ली को पाण्डेय का सलाम " and in the same filmi way I got a response " Voicetap तुम्हारा मज़हब, Voicetap तुम्हारा ईमान " | That day itself I got a feeling, that it is gonna be fun. No doubt, it has been quite a ride since then.

it wasn't easy at all to unroot from the set life in pune which had become my microcosm for some time. However it was very important to move out of that comfort zone to register some growth.
Delhi, is a big place. Well, I'm not in Delhi for that matter but Noida sounds and is a bit downmarket place to be in. There's nothing small in Delhi. Evrything is inflated to a couple of degrees at least. Huge Homes, Flamboyant cars, humungus malls and equally great babes all around. And to add to it, No one talks normal, again inflated by a couple of degrees. So for a straight talking assertive person like me it is quite a challenge to stay in peace with locales but have to.

Voicetap is where I'm now. Always wanted to come to delhi to maintain closeness to home. V gave me the idea, M gave me the opportunity and here I am; trying to become a 'सेलू बन्दा' [one who can sell easily in M's terms]. HR is done with, ops played with for some time and sales is something I'm experimenting with. Not going all that bad, but time is something which is creating problems. Not able to manage it. but would fall in place shortly. Team is good. Lot of learning coming my way. So happy.

Not able to gel with the place. No frends. Dont feel like coming back home. Fone's the only frend since many days... will be for some more.

Will keep posting stuff now on. ....Like I said, many updates.

In the end,

We Choose Our Own Place !!

CHEERS DELHI !! I'm here to stay .

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