Thursday, September 17, 2009

समय सीमा समाप्त !!

.......I seldom hear people using this phrase "I'm just buying out time". Can some one please tell me how do u do that. I need to byee tonnes of it, bcoz today, all that I want is time. Its precious to me, far too valuable to trade for anything else. Money is passe'.
Help me buy out time so that I may get better proffessionaly, make presentations on time, send mails on time, save time in traffic and reach for that important meeting in time.
I want time to meet my friends, to go back home on weekends to see my folks well, i want time to read, to write the half done book, i want time to see places, I want time to find love.
I want time so that I get myself a dog, time to reach out and give back to the society, i want time to study more, time to share and implement my thoughts and ideas, time to eat slowly so that i stay healthy.......
......and hey, its not that I'm asking to be The One, I just want it to ease out, Relax ! Hate to hear that 'siddharth you need to get better at time mgmt'. Oh yeah I need to. But to manage i need to have some.

All I say : Time is an illusion !!

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Anonymous said...

This one is amazing.....:)