Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Expressive. Real. Mind boggling. If I have to define Passion, I'd refer you to K K Menon.Terrific work again. It seems I'm getting more and more drawn towards Anurag kashyap's works. His style is superb.

Gulaal deals with a rajasthani traditional backdrop where the underlying theme is Rajasthan for Rajputs. With all there gleam and glamour these guys display the true grit of Rajputana which is led by there able leader Dukki Banna. This movie shows you another part of India which is rather unscene and unknown till now and has a certain mystique charm about it.

The dialogues are really very strong and delivered equaly well. Folk music has never been so much in your face before.

It seems Anurag[like subhash ghai] also has moved on a talent hunt and produces a superb vamp in this story. Kalki koechlin, and now Ayesha Mohan comes up very strong in her just second flick.

No doubt, Anurag Kashyap is a master story teller. He’s perfect behind the camera and has got power to nurture all his characters according to his wish. As the story progresses promptly you are bound to stick to the chair waiting for another sensational shot by the director. The movie was written by Raj Singh Chaudhary, Aparna Chaturvedi and Anurag Kashyap itself. It’s a narration of an incident, as I said earlier that Anurag Kashyap is a master story teller, he never let break of the story apart from the end where it just ends abruptly. Leaves you asking....

However a good watch.

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