Sunday, February 15, 2009


Coke, Thumsup....वोदका के साथ !!!

Cheers !!

One contemporary masterpiece by Anurag Kashyap. For the uninitiated, it's so simple that it just portrays the legendary sharaabi 'Devdas' in a present day scenario. The way he would drink, the way he would love, the way he would make love etc.. in a way one of us would.

a starcast that is an amazingly efficeient darkhorse...Kudos to Anurag and team.

Abhay deol, completely engrossed in a different kind of cinema altogether and making the most of it. absolutely hilarious.. A genre which he seems to be extremely comfortable with.Socha na tha, Ek chalis ki ..., Oye Lucky & now Dev.D . He just takes you along on his sharaab and shabaab filled sojourn.

Paro, Mahie gill, the debutant actor just fills in the space with such an ease that u almost fall for her[read: get high]. which she is meant to do. the rustic beauty and its transformation in a vivacious chic look, carved by anurag and mahie is not so visible in present day cinema. She truly represents the modern day girl coming out of tier II cities in a metro, who doesn't shy away from her affairs even when it fades away.

Chanda, Kalki Koechlin, the whore, the babe, the teenager, the love. all the hats donned with a finnesse. French lass speaking Hindi slangs just sweps you off your feet. I'm sure Anurag is blessed by her company.

Music takes you instantly in a different world wherein there's no reality. Trance that means trance with classy punjabi rock mix. Every no. is foot tapping and hummable. the rock version of Emotional attyachar is good along with the not so popular punjabi tracks which i'm sure must be making waves in north.

And to top it all, the film mocks at and brings out the hypocrisy so much instilled in our society pertainng to sex. It does not brand it a taboo subject, instead brings it out and loud in the open.
Truly appreciate the way it has been presented.

I envy our dude for his Father...the dialog goes...' तेरा टेस्ट change हो गया है ...whisky की जगह vodka पीटा है , चिक्केन की जगह फिश खाता है... अच्छी लड़कियों को छोड़ कर सूखी सूखी लड़कियों के पीछे भागता है ..." and then a BMW 7 Series .... mindboggling . भगवान् ऐसा बाप सबको दे !!!

But one concern.....So much Daaru..... Vodka neat.... and bottles by the hour... Unrealistic but fun

So ... get me a Coke, Thumsup....वोदका के साथ !!!


Cheers !!

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