Wednesday, February 18, 2009


.....there are good times, there are bad times and then there's absurdity all around. Times when you don't know what next. There are times when you have a dozen ways and means rite in front of you and within a blink you are left in a zero with no where to go.

Risk at times however calculated it may be, becomes very subjective. There are people around who would support you to take chances all the while but rite at the moment would back up coz it involves risk. There would be people who would keep telling you to play stable shots but at the same time expect you to strike gold. But investing in stocks is lesser risk oriented than getting married, if you completely understand the perspective..

Its always difficult to cope up with change. [ Now a days they teach Change management in high profile trainings... I wonder the viability in a mental realm]. Change no doubt is inevitable, brings pain. But it is known, isn't it. The entire thing is getting very confusing. and thats exactly the kind of mental state I am in. Pretty Amusing, my sister sent me an offline chat today and asked ...

"aap ki bhi lyf na....
shayad kabhi, koi nahi samajh sakta
u know wat..
sometimes, wen i hv nthing els to do...i wonder on an interesting thing
nd guess wat comes to ma mind...
u dere??

. .. . . . "

You need to outgrow yourself. Rise up in Protest. Do your own thing and stand by it. Why grant someone else a power to rule your world and put constant values in your everchanging equations.

As Richard Bach says -

"...The sky is ever changing and ever beautiful. just like moving oceans.

A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed... feels an impulsion - this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the patterns behind all clouds & YOU will know too when you'll lift yourself high enough to see beyond hori

Cheers !!

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