Sunday, February 22, 2009

Of Coffee and Small Talk..

...Another Weekend. Perhaps my last in Pune for quite some time to come. Small Talks. Pep talks. Plans and pegs. Nothing outta the world but fun with friends. Lemon tea is getting me hooked to it. will it take over Whiskey sour. Difficult but necessary.

Will Slumdog win the academy. Is it worth it. Isn't it just because of a firang director. They've shown up the dirty India... and moral policing.... and rail budget.... and roadies.... and blah and blah and blah. Well, roadies yes, I hated Roop's departure. Wasn't fun at all. Dev the asshole was thrown out in the best way possible. But i think Roop will come back.. Such was the weekend !! Had a nice party as well. So theek hai.

Still have not finalised the name. Have a Guest speech at the Govt. College at 1400 hrs tomorrow with nothing prepared. I'm doomed for now.

But again.... Have to leave the coming Friday. The thought is the driver now. Everything else has taken a backseat. The next few days would just fly away. I haven't still decided where to start. Its crazy. I dunno whether I shall make it or not, but yes i need mobility now. I need displacement now. I need to be happy now.

Very few friends left. Remaining all is acquaintance. However close u get with them u would never get the warmth u get with this rare few of your frens. I've satrted recieving letters and mails from all ma frens and it is mind blowing. I feel loved. and then it feels i'm destined to explore and keep moving. I need Johnie Walker now. It says - Keep wallking.

I Think -

"In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning, for which we've chosen this lifetime"

The Buddhists say -

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

I'm Waiting....

Cheers !!


Vivek Khandelwal said...

Johny walker is perfect for such occassions.
Try a fast track- its say move on !!
wacky writing skils .

Sandeep said...

Sir Sid Pandey.. Don’t know will I be able to express what I feel about this blog in the right way using words but I’ll still try. Guess I am one in the list of acquaintances that you have mentioned here in ur writings.. and that doesn’t bother me much. What I loved the most is that you want to break free and you have flooded this whole blog with ur feelings that were I suppose buried inside you from a long long time. I can actually see you in each and every word of it. Sometimes in lyf you are forced to take decisions that you otherwise would have never taken but time is a big forcing factor. I can just imagine what you must be going thru right now and its only you who would know the real pain. I think you deserve to be called “SIR” and I hope everyone reading your blogs would agree with me. Lets honor Sid with this title. ‘SIR Sid Pandey’