Sunday, February 22, 2009


... They say

"Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet them, than your acquaintances shall know you in ages"

with the clear intent of me leaving pune the coming friday, I recd this letter from my very close college friend. Would not be modest on my part to put this one on here, out in the open. But couldn't resist . I hope K2 doesn't mind much...

"A part of me parts with these lil drops of sense of parting..."

I write this for moment of surprising flash of affection for a friend who was there...n who wasnt...and now he won' there...
We've experienced almost ALL human emotions that could exist in human kind..
We were enemies... (not in a true sense though..we never tried to take each other's lives at least:P).
We'd been bitchy classmates...with all khunnas n all...
We studied (though v lil)...eating Maggie..
We discussed FEMALES!!! At the "Joint Cafe".... We STILL do!! Of College...out of College...Gives us a 'kick' u know!! Hehehehe!!
We wrote.... mails during the transition period from being bitchy enemies to starting something like 'frenz'...
We ate n roamed about on Marvel, Discover(with no brakes!!) n now Activa too...:-)
We'd flirted to the core...(still do :P)
We shared....stuff... (not the usual ones that two mushy opp sexes wud exchange)..but we shared some awesome time together...along with another leg of the tripod-Khan Saahab.
Funny enough to tell u, these guys never thought of me as a gal!!
They keep sayin! "Abbey tum toh dost ho bey!!" OR "Ladki?? Kaha hai ladki???"...when I'm with them... :)
We pulled...legs of the 'weaker sections of the society' :P...(we still do and will keep doing! :D)
We drove... like Street Hawk on the highway! (though the machines were not sport machines)
We laughed...hard...and these days...we laugh get more out of the time together...
And today...
I never thot i wud get those few drops of salty waters thru my eyes...(yeah i hate cryin! n i derisively call those 'salty waters')
This amazingly wundaful guy is a pack of surprises...with just this one thing in common ... talkin n talkin n talkin...
He can talk for hours at a stretch AWWWWL kinds of gyaan!
Put any kinda human creature in front of him n he'll get that person opened up n talkin...and well forget about the age,social stature n blah blah...
He has such leonine appeal(esp to target 'sensible'females)...that most of them get that 'cute-charmer' impression in the 1st meet!
N heyy! I guess I'm still a victim!! :P heheheh!
Abbey o Sid! Neend se jaago!! I'm not hitting on u!!! ;)
But one thing's for sure...
This guy has ALWAYS gone ONLY by his instincts...i just pray to God genuinely to bless him with specially chosen give him strong reasons to STILL go by his instincts and gain that damn mental peace to his soul (which is called 'success' by other 'prajaatiz')
Luvya dude!
Wud just LUV to SEE you ANYTIME in life!!!
(ab please wo 'anytime' word ko mat khicho!! At least MERI toh mat khicho... :D )

Richard Bach says -

" Don't be dismayed at Good byes. A farewell is necessary before you meet again. And meeting again, after moments or after a life time is certain......but for those who are friends"

I'll miss u a lot K2. But Yes.........I'll be around....

Cheers !!


Sandeep said...
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Lonely Princess said...

Now this is reallll poignant! Whoever it is, K2 and u sure hav had fun times!!

Thanks for following my blog :)

All the best!

Neetu said...

now this is wat is called true frendship ... where everything is clear ... and u dont have to pretend for a moment also .... :)
Really an awesum post !!!!